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Tim Jackson

Tuesday, August 04, 2020 | 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM EDT

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage with a Voluntary Payment†

Presented by:
Tim Jackson

Head of Financial Planner Education and Support at Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC

Are you aware there is a new product available for your clients age 60+* that would allow for voluntary monthly mortgage payments? Today, in the retirement income planning space, academics are placing more and more emphasis on risk in retirement. With this new reverse mortgage product, your clients can eliminate their mandatory mortgage payments† and increase their cash flow with closing costs as low as $125‡ with an Equity Elite® mortgage.

Please join Tim Jackson to learn more about how this new reverse mortgage product will impact your clients’ retirement plans. Tim will also discuss case studies to demonstrate how planners can help clients avoid capital gains and lower their taxes||, all while staying in their home.†

You should attend this webinar if:
You have clients age 60+
You need solutions for older clients who are house rich but cash poor 
You don’t know the facts about today’s proprietary reverse mortgages
You are unaware of the four reverse mortgage strategies used by advisors

Please Note: One CE credit will be provided for CFP, RICP, CLU, ChFC, and CFFP/Kaplan designations.

*Not applicable in all states; some states may impose a higher age requirement. Visit for details.
†As with any mortgage, the borrower must meet their loan obligations, which includes keeping current with property taxes, homeowners insurance, and keeping their home in good condition.
‡With this pricing option, borrower receives a lender credit covering nearly all closing costs. There is a non-refundable independent counseling fee of approximately $125 on average, which the borrower pays directly to the counseling agency. Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all states.
||Not tax advice. Consult a tax professional 

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