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Brennan Hannon

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 | 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM EDT

Why 529s: Increasing Your Prospect Base

Presented by:
Brennan Hannon

Advisor Relations Manager at CollegeInvest

Think 529s have a limited place in your business practice? Think again! The discussion with your clients who may need a 529 increases your credibility and enhances the relationship with your customer. In addition, using 529s can expand your client prospects. 

Join Brennan Hannon, Advisor Relations Manager at CollegeInvest, when he will cover 529 basics including plan types, general and state tax benefits, qualified and non-qualified distributions, and an overview of the new tax laws. In addition, he will discuss using 529s to gain access to prospects and increase value for your clients. 

Attendees will:
  • Understand 529s including contributions and distributions 
  • Learn how 529s can expand your business and deepen client relationships 
  • Understand how 529s fit in to the college funding equations
  • Learn how to use 529s in estate planning and wealth transfer 

Please Note: One CE credit will be provided for CFP, RICP, CLU, ChFC, and CFFP/Kaplan designations.

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